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Frequently Asked Questions

Browse through the below frequently asked questions

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Q - When does the Conference commence and end?

The 21st Asia-Pacific Prostate Cancer Conference will commence on Monday 12 October at 10:00am (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

Q - What time zone will be used for the live sessions?

It will be in Australian Standard Eastern Time (AEST).

For information to convert time zones please visit

Q - What are the registration fees for Conference?

Virtual Registration – AUD $100.00 inc GST.

Q - Who can attend the Virtual Conference?

The Virtual Conference is only open to registered Healthcare Practitioners. It is not a consumer Conference.
When you register you will be asked a series of questions to ensure you are a registered Healthcare Practitioner.

Q - What is included with my registration?

You will receive exclusive access to: 
•         All presentations across all disciplines streamed live & on-demand
•         Access to the platform until end of December with access to presentations, publications and resources
•         Interactive Q&A sessions with speakers and panels
•         Opportunity to engage with our industry partners
•         Networking opportunities including one on one chat rooms
•         Past conference videos and podcasts

Q - When does registration close?

Registrations will be closing 5pm AEST Friday, 9 October 2020.

Q - How do I log in to see the Presentations and take part in the Virtual Conference?

An email will be sent to all registrants on Thursday,1 October from Delegate Connect with you user name and log in.
If you register after Thursday, 1 October your log in details will be sent 48 hours after you complete your registration.

Q - Can more than one person use the conference login details?

No, your unique login is for your personal use only. This means you cannot share your log in.

Q - How do I setup my profile?

Upon logging in to the virtual event platform, go to the Account tab and select “Edit Profile.” You’re encouraged to add a photo, short biography, and links to your social media accounts.

Q -  Which browser is best for video streaming?

Google Chrome will ensure best user experience. Please note Internet Explorer is NOT recommended and not a supported browser

Q - How do I join a session?

Go to the Program for an overview of the conference program. This will show all of the sessions, including the networking events during and after the program. 

To join a session or presentation, simply click on the presentation title and you will see the main Livestream page.

Alternatively, you can click on the Livestream button on the top banner to join live presentations. 

Q - How do I make sure I don't miss a particular session/presentation?

Go to the Program page for an overview of the conference program. Every Session and Presentation will have their own ‘favourite’ button – simply click on this button and you will have it stored in your Favourites tab on the top banner.

To access your favourite Sessions, Talks and Speakers, simply click on the Favourites tab located on your top banner. Here, you will also find your saved resources and notes. 

Q - Will sessions be recorded?

Yes, all live presentations will be recorded and will be available exclusively conference registrants on the virtual event platform.

Q - How can I learn more about the speakers?

Information about the speakers can be found on the speakers menu item. Read more about each speaker, their presentations, and download their available resources. 

Q - How do I submit a question to a speaker during his/her session?

To submit your question before the session, simply go to the Program and select the Session/Presentation. At the bottom of every page, there will be a Questions section. Click on ‘Ask Question’ and submit your question. Similarly, there will be a Questions section at the bottom of the Livestream page where you can submit your questions. 

Q - Where do I access the speaker's presentation materials?

If a speaker has shared his/her presentation materials, they will be available on the Resources section of their Speaker page. You can also access their presentation materials in their respective Sessions on the Program page. 

Q - How do I chat with industry sponsors and other participants?

During each session, a side Chat panel is visible where you can chat with other attendees and submit your questions for the Q&A. 

You can click 'Chat' under the attendees to search for an exhibiting/sponsoring company or participant to start a conversation. The ‘Chat’ button is also available on the top banner to view your current chats and group conversations.

Q - If I need technical support, what should I do?

If you’re in the platform but need assistance, there will be a troubleshooting icon in the tool bar please click on this for assistance. Do not use any other means – Our team will be managing any problems via the troubleshooting icon.

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#21st Asia-Pacific Prostate Conference Virtual